I'm Aman

Web & Frontend Developer with a passion for building creative solutions with aesthetic interfaces.

Here's a lot more about me.

CTO at ClientView
I’ve worked with Aman on several projects, and he always surprises me with his creativity. He’s among the most competent and disciplined people that I have had the chance to work with.
Abdullah S.
Developer at CarFax
Aman's passion for creating code and design is evident with his work and how he approaches building his web-apps, amazing person to work with.
Heshan C.
Media Marketting Intern
I'm always impressed with Aman's websites & apps, he has built me my personal portfolio with a blog-site and it has 100% helped with my job prospects.

Here are some of my Projects

  • DivSplash - An OpenSource Illustration Site

    React, Tailwind, NextJS, Suprabase

    Created a site for Developers & Designers to access cool illustrations for their projects.

    The illustrations were made by me - Merged my passion for fitness & code to create DivSplash.

  • Venus Visuals - an AI image generation web-app

    React, MongoDB, Express, TailwindCSS, NodeJs

    A web application built for creatives to generate visuals and ideas to launch on the web and share with the dashboard.

  • Creative Web Portfolio with Blogsite and SEO

    React, Firebase, NodeJs, Tailwind, MongoDB

    Created a React based full-stack personal portfolio that is more deisgn focused, with notion templates and a blogsite that includes SEO techniques and CMS

  • Velpflix


    A Netflix replica app that uses OMDb API to display searched movie names.

  • Business Portfolio with SEO

    React, TailwindCSS, StrapiCMS, Figma

    React portfolio designed for developers & businessmen

  • Community Contribution

    Passionate about technical writing and helping beginners understand concepts in JavaScript, React, CSS & Tailwind with over 10,000+ blog visits